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PEEC School Trip FAQ

PEEC School trip FAQ

What’s included?

All PEEC programs, lodging, and a certain number of meals are included in our base packages. We offer additional add-ons, but they are not required.

What are some of the extra options?

Some additional add-ons that we offer include providing s’mores at your campfire, booking an outside presenter, and adding an additional meal.

What are the cabins like?

All of the cabins come with heat, electricity, and indoor plumbing.  The only exception is our Yurts, which have a separate bathhouse. Check out our Overnight Trips page for cabin floorplans. Guests do need to bring their own sheets/sleeping bags, pillows, and personal toiletries. We do not distribute keys to cabins. Doors can be locked from the inside in the evening and overnight hours, but valuables should be left at home, secured in cars, or left at the front office.

What programs can we take?

We have a full list of programs within our Program Planning Packet. Further, down the planning process, you’ll be able to choose exactly what programs you’d like all of your students to take.

What programs are your most popular?

Our most popular programs are Teambuilding, Confidence Course, Pond Ecology, Wildlife Study, and Night Hikes. Check out our Program Planning Packet for our full list of programs.

What meals do you offer?

We do not have a set menu of meals and meal choices will depend heavily on the group’s known dietary allergies and restrictions. However, at every meal we will have a salad bar, coffee station (for adults only), and a hot meal option.

What dietary restrictions can you accommodate in your dining hall?

With enough advance notice, we can accommodate all major dietary allergies and restrictions. However, we are not a certified gluten-free, nut-free, or kosher kitchen.

What is your total capacity?

In total, we have enough bed spaces to hold up to 300 people at one time.

Will we have the campus to ourselves?

As long as spacing allows, we will book overlapping schools/organizations. You will have different cabin accommodations, and will only share Dining Hall space and outdoor recreation areas.

How far out to we need to book?

Sooner is always better than later as certain seasons do fill very quickly. Bookings are taken on a “first-come, first-serve” basis and spaces are not held until dates have been finalized. We prefer having the initial contracts created 3-6 months prior to the trip date. We will not take bookings with less than one month’s notice.

Is there internet?

We do have internet available that is password protected. Adults will need to ask their PEEC Host or our front desk for access. To encourage engagement, we ask that students not be allowed internet access.

How is the cell service?

Cellphone service is spotty at best and depends heavily on your individual carrier. Wi-Fi access can be provided to adults only and an office landline is available if needed. To minimize student distraction, we strongly discourage cellphone use during PEEC programming.

What if it rains?

Programs will run rain or shine (with the exception of thunderstorms). When possible, we will adapt programming and your schedule to accommodate the weather forecast.

What do we need to pack?

Check out our recommended packing list inside of our Program Planning Packet. In addition, make sure to check the forecast leading up to the trip and plan accordingly.

What if there is an emergency?

We have an emergency action plan for addressing situations that arise and work closely with local EMS and NPS law enforcement. There is a PEEC staff point of contact 24/7 throughout residential experiences for issues and emergencies.

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